Victims of Sussex Police Corruption

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Craig Chant 

Disability Hate Crimes

A disabled (autistic) whistle-blower who was "Head of Information Technology" for a mortgage and insurance network (HL Partnership Limited) who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, having ran the I.T. department for 14 years (2002-2016).

He has been the victim of serious disability hate crimes, discrimination, abuse, intimidation, theft, exploitation and manipulation, spanning a decade at the hands of criminals within the financial services industry.

Having attempted to take legal action against his employer and access services from Sussex police to obtain justice for the crimes not only he is a victim of but also a witness to including fraud, corruption, hacking, illegal marketing, disabled abuse, discrimination, intimidation & victimisation (witness tampering), criminal negligence, professional negligence, perverting the course of justice (corruption & collusion), serious breaches in data protection & FCA regulations and he even caught them file sharing naked pictures of children!

All he has received is further abuse, discrimination, victimisation (malicious false accusations), intimidation (arson threat) and corrupt legal representation perverting the course of justice aided by colluding regulators and ombudsman who are actively falsifying evidence to deny justice and cover up the crimes committed.

Every attempt to obtain police assistance and entitled services has been blocked by misfeasance, malfeasance, corruption and discrimination, which includes the Sussex Police Standards Department (PSD), IOPC & Victim Support, MP's Timothy Loughton, Michael Gove, Julian Smith, Jon Bercow & PM Theresa May as well as Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne.

To find out more about his case and see the irrefutable evidence he has to back up his claims you can visit his whistle-blowing YouTube channel: Expose UK (YouTube) or if you prefer you can use BitChute: Expose UK (BitChute) If you would like to support his petition to help bring about changes in the law to provide independent support and funding for disabled victims of crime: Give disabled victims of crime the support and funding required to obtain justice You can also keep up to date with this campaign and other issues concerning the disabled by following him on facebook: Disabled Lives Matter

David Neilson 

Victim / Murder Witness

A witness whose information helped solved the murder of Katrina Taylor in 1996. At the time he was also investigating corruption within Sussex Police and had amassed a vast amount of information covering organized crime in Sussex, Sussex Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse and Senior Sussex Police Officer's involvement in covering up evidence for Crimelord Marcel Sulc.

He also claims officers went on to cover up for Marcel Sulc's part in the murder of Katrin Taylor and all crimes related to him as well as a year later Sussex Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse and Senior Police Officers covered up the shooting of James Ashley

He is the victim of long term intimidation and victimisation and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 1999 but he is also a victim of elder abuse as a now severely disabled sufferer with Fibromyalgia

He had to flee his home in January 2015 after an attempted murder by members of an organised crime gang that is believed to have been involved in the murder of Katrina Taylor. David said we must stamp out corruption within all Police Forces

For more information about James Ashley and the corruption involving sussex police please check out this wiki page: Death of James Ashley you can also view a short video about Katrina Taylor: Katrina Taylor MurderYou can also find out more about his complaint of corruption and abuse involving sussex police via his website: Elder Abuse Complaint

Michael Coughtrey 

False Arrest & Imprisonment

The brother of a schizophrenic sufferer who was the victim of serious police corruption, wrongfull arrest and imprisonment because police officer (pc cameron) falsified claims & evidence of attempted murder and accused an innocent mentally disabled man (alexander coughtrey) of stabbing him several times with an 8 inch kitchen knife.

They forwarded details of Alex's suffering at he hands of the police to Sussex Police Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne asking 'What steps, if any, do you intend to take to ensure the vulnerable are safer in Sussex'?

The answer they have received is that this is the responsibility of the Chief Constable (Giles York). So much for the commissioner's self proclaimed integrity and fairness which appears to be an opt out clause giving the green light to continue fabricating evidence.

Imagine if you became ill and the police were called to take you to hospital but instead you end up in a prison cell accused of knifing a police officer in the chest with an 8 inch blade, when you had not!

Instead of any investigation and disciplinary action, PC Cameron received a bravery award and is now DC Cameron of the Anti-victimisation Unit.

Alex is an example of easy prey for the police, who with the aid of the Argus newspaper promoted a corrupt officer to hero status and gained bonus points for the Chief of Brighton Police.

We need your donations to help us bring Katy Bourne to account because corruption in public office must be stamped out and fought where ever it is found!

To find more about this case and how you can obtain a copy of his book "No Way Out", detailing the entire sordid affair and blatant corruption you can visit his website: Brighton Scandal Website You can also follow him on facebook via: Brighton Scandal on Facebook